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Alwand Vahan

5456 Main Street, Buffalo, New York  14221

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Just what a few people in Buffalo New York are saying about Laurie Jewelers.

     "I stopped into your store on Main St. in Buffalo NY to look at your selection of Alwand Vahan. I was very impressed with the number of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces that you had. Mr. Laurie was very helpful with his knowledge of the designer Alwand Vahan. I ended up purchasing a diamond sterling and 14k yellow gold Alwand Vahan bracelet and I will come back for the matching diamond earrings
soon."        Susan R.

     "I purchased a diamond from Laurie Jewelers because they really cared to sell me the perfect diamond at the right price. They then custom made me a very detailed platinum and diamond engagement ring to set my new diamond into. It is much better to pick the perfect diamond and then set it into the perfect ring rather than settle for a lessor diamond or ring. If your in the Buffalo or Rochester NY area you should try
them."                        John H.

     "The platinum and diamond ring I purchased was the most detailed ring I have ever seen. My wife loves her new heirloom and loves the idea that there is not another ring like it in Buffalo NY. Thanks and I'll be back for those beautiful diamond Alwand Vahan earrings that you showed
me."                                                 Bill M.

     "After going to the so called wholesale jewelers in Buffalo I was very happy that I went to Laurie Jewelers. I purchased a much finer piece of jewelry and the price was the same. Their store was beautiful and the shopping experience was much nicer. My wife appreciated that I went to such a fine store for her new ring."         Bill J.